5 Proven and Tested Ways to Driving Highly Web Targeted Traffic

If you want to connect and engage with your audience, even if they follow your account, you need to consider certain advertising techniques. The challenging part is that advertising can get very expensive, very quickly if you don’t know what you are doing.

In the early days of web development, business owners had learned the very expensive lesson that a Web site with no visitors is of little value. Once the business owner learned that methods could be utilized to increase their visibility through search engine optimization, it then became apparent that the traffic that really benefited them, was “targeted traffic“. It only made sense that if you were selling a solution, the person who will buy the solution are the ones experiencing a problem or challenge. It also became obvious that the best products and services to sell online were niche or specialized markets. Large volumes of “general visitors” (general volume traffic) may have looked nice on a statistics report but only the truly “targeted visitors” (target traffic) were usually the visitors making purchases or doing business at the Web site.

While some search engine marketers were simply offering placement for keywords chosen by their client, other SEO’s realized the value of researching keyword phrases and built strategies that were focused on attracting a specific target market. This is why you would sometimes hear conflicting stories about the effectiveness of search engine marketing. People often had their sites optimized for the wrong phrases. These might be keyword phrases that attracted no traffic all or perhaps even keywords that attracted high traffic but the wrong audience. If targeted traffic was important for success back then, it is absolutely essential that we optimize for targeted traffic now. The reason is that as the web continues to age, peoples behaviour appears to be shifting again.

Whether you are a seasoned advertiser or are just getting started, there are five smart techniques that reduce this risk significantly…

1. Targeted ad networks

There are a number of self-service advertising platforms that allow you to get your message in front of a new audience in unique new ways.

Web Targeted Traffic is a trusted company world wide and is a legit website that sells targeted traffic.. They deliver targeted high quality real website traffic. That is why more than 75% of our clients are returning clients who already used our service in the past and believe on their quality and professional service.

Whether you are a well-known company or sole online business, Web Targeted Traffic is the most budget friendly way to reach your desired audience, get leads, boost sales, found new customers and generate brand awareness.

They deliver millions of targeted traffic on daily basis to our clients websites. Thousands of happy clients already. There packages are tailored-fit to any business to ensure that specific target audience are reached.

This traffic is of the highest quality and will add great exposure to your website and brand.

The result will be 100% real visitors who are actually interested in learning more information about a website such as yours!

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So what are you waiting for? Choose your traffic package today and let us boost your business by sending thousands of real, unique visitors to your website.

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  • Remarketing

It’s not new, but remarketing is another low-cost advertising technique you need in your arsenal for the year ahead.

The brilliance of remarketing is that you are delivering advertisements to people that have already expressed interest in your business or website. Whether it’s on Facebook or through Google AdWords, remarketing can be a great way to “dip your toe” into advertising and start converting more web traffic into sales.

2. Leverage curated calls-to-action

Are you regularly curating the content of others on social media?

Why not make the most of this generosity by directing some of that traffic back to your own website. Snip.ly allows you to add a call-to-action to every link you share by creating a new unique URL. When someone clicks on that link to visit the content you have just shared, they get a little popup with a targeted call-to-action sending them back to a page on your website.

3. Get featured on podcasts

Podcasting is what written blog posts were like about 15 years ago. There are less people doing it, but they have this highly engaged and growing audience of listeners ready to take action.

Instead of starting your own podcast (which can be time consuming) you can focus your efforts on being featured on other already established shows.

By building relationships with podcasting influencers in your industry you will start to get invited onto their shows. Getting featured on a podcast with a lot of influencers has a huge amount of benefits, one of which is targeted traffic back to your website.

For example if you search for my name on iTunes you will see a list of podcasts I’ve been featured on:

4. Don’t forget about social media automation

Social media automation is one of the biggest time savers in my week. But that’s not the only reason I use it…

By using tools to automate my Twitter follower growth and redistribute blog content, social media automation has consistently delivered this website a significant amount of traffic over the years. And seeing that traffic is coming from an already engaged audience it is super-targeted.

The two tools are use to make this possible are Social Quant for follower growth, and Social Oomph for redistributing blog content.

5. Repurpose and syndicate your content

Creating compelling written content is time-consuming and can be a drain on your resources and sanity. So if you’re going to put in all of that effort, you may as well make the most of it.

Repurposing your best written content into other formats, or syndicating it on other platforms, is a great way to generate additional targeted traffic to your website.

For example, you could turn a blog post into a SlideShare or video and share it on YouTube. And sites like LinkedIn, Medium and Flipboard are ready-built for syndication of your content.

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