Targeted Traffic: The Relation Between Traffic and Conversions

How to Get Traffic That Converts

Let’s get this out of the way: Traffic doesn’t equal conversions. You can get 1 million unique visitors to your site every day and never sell a single thing.

The worst thing about this fact is that you’re wasting your hard work. It takes effort to get lots of traffic to your site, so why would you squander all those visits?

Improving the user experience and gently guiding your prospects toward a conversion takes even more work, but it’s worth the results.

Let’s say you get 10,000 visitors to your website every day. That’s respectable.

Maybe another site has the same traffic numbers as you. There’s one difference, though.

You’re converting about 1.5 percent of your traffic. The other guy? He’s converting 5 percent of his traffic.

Let’s put that into numbers. If you’re measuring conversions on product sales — in other words, people are spending cold, hard cash on your products — the conversion rate really starts to take shape.

Both you and the other guy sell products for $25. Based on the conversion rates above, you’re making about $3,750 on every 10,000 visits. The other guy? He’s raking in $12,500.

See the difference? That’s why it matters when you’re getting clicks but no conversions.

You can have the best tractor website in the world and send me there, but I’m not going to buy one since I don’t need nor want one. You have to target people that actually need and want what you offer.

The best traffic source is…

… wherever your ideal customers hang out!

  • If you sell stainless steel lunch boxes, go where all the health-conscious and stylish moms hang out.
  • If you help small businesses figure out how to take advantage of LinkedIn, go where small businesses are.

You get the point. And it’s not just the source that determines the conversion, it’s also the message, the offer, the landing page and so on. All of it needs to be in play to ensure relevancy for the user.

Also: see which of your current traffic sources converts, and focus on that. (And don’t waste your time on sources that don’t).

How to Get More Conversions

Convincing people to convert requires two specific steps:

  1. Presenting an offer that your visitor wants
  2. Adding extra incentive to take the leap

On your sales pages, for instance, you display products your target audience might like. That’s great, but it’s just part of the offer. How can you sweeten the deal?

Offering a first-time customer a coupon might help. So could an offer to waive shipping costs, or a bonus download.

If you’re asking people to convert into leads, you need a lead magnet. It could be a downloadable asset, discount, coupon, or other incentive, but it needs to match the visitor’s timeframe.

For instance, if your visitor is brand new to your B2B site, you don’t want to overwhelm him or her with product information or even a promotional code. The visitor isn’t ready.

Instead, you need a warm-up offer, such as a checklist or calculator. Offer something of considerable value in exchange for your visitors’ contact information.

If you’re buying traffic from the wrong sources, you’re going to end up with a lot of visits from bots and from people well outside your potential demographics. It’s not different from ads or from Facebook, really. If you throw money out there, people will take it, and they won’t really care who you are because hey, free money.
What you need to do is research the company you want to buy traffic from. I’m not talking about social ads or PPC here, those are easier to deal with. I’m talking about third party sellers who manage their own ad networks. You want to make sure they’re actually pulling in real people with real interests, people from the right demographics, people who can convert if you interest them enough.
What this means is that you’re going to have to be skeptical and read a lot of reviews. Once you’ve found a company you think sells viable traffic, you should always start with a small plan and use a dedicated landing page you can track. Make sure the traffic is valid before you invest any more into a company.
As with any source of traffic, you need to monitor what it does. It doesn’t really matter where it comes from if it doesn’t convert. If it converts, you need to know where it came from and how to get more of it. Regardless of source, you need to adjust your marketing to scale up the effective sources and either change or dial back on the ineffective sources.


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