Want High-Converting, Reliable Targeted Organic Traffic?

Do you want to generate more sales and get ready-to-buy customers for your offers?

Look No Further, Get Traffic That Converts into Highly Responsive Subscribers & Sales!

We provide good, reliable targeted traffic to your offer which gives you Highly Responsive Subscribers and Quality visitors that can brings sales for your business.

Cheap Targeted Traffic

Take a tour through our easy to navigate website and learn about what our unbelievable priced traffic services can do for your online venture.

Real-Time Statistics

You will be provided with real-time stats so that you can keep track of your campaign's progress and website traffic delivery.

FRESH Verified Traffic

We replenish our lists with hundreds of new subscribers daily and delete any unresponsive subscribers – this ensures that fresh prospects are seeing your offer.

Custom Packages

We are open to any suggestions or requests which are not listed on our site. High volume traffic or custom orders, we want to make it work!

Anti Fraud Technology

Our proprietary technology helps protecting you against online fraud, fake clicks and bots. Analyze performance and get real measurable results.

Global Ad Network

Reach millions of potential customers through our global network platform of more than 25,000 websites.

24x7 Support

We work around the clock to ensure you get targeted traffic to your website. The support team is available to solve any issues that appear.

Check Our Best Website Traffic Packages

Our trusted are designed to increase your website’s traffic, promote your brand, generate leads, and most importantly, help you reach your individual goals. Take a closer look at best rated web traffic packages, and learn why thousands of companies trust us with their marketing efforts.

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Here’s how to get started...
  1. Visit the Order page and choose the country, category/niche and keywords you would like to receive visitors from.
  2. Enter the Website URL to which you would like to receive the targeted traffic.
  3. Tweak the order details (campaign duration, starting date, keywords etc.)

Ready For RESULTS? Super-Charge your advertising campaign by sending REAL Human Website Traffic to Your Website.

Our mission as a professional targeted traffic leader is to provide guaranteed targeted traffic to your website through our unique targeted traffic delivery Advertising Platform.

When you buy targeted website traffic from us, we won’t deliver fake traffic, annoying pop ups or useless banner ads. We bring you live, unique visitors with rea¨¨l IP addresses to a full page view of your website. This method has proven to provide the highest conversion rates of any type of online marketing system.

We do not sell cheap, low quality mainstream traffic as sold on other sites. We supply the most superior, guaranteed category targeted traffic available on the internet today and our highly competitive pricing reflects this. Simply select your traffic plan and increase targeted website traffic today!

All of our advertising services are guaranteed, we use state a real-time tracking system to manage your traffic campaign which you will be given access.

Buy Targeted Traffic That Converts Today!


These are live people looking for sites in the category you choose, and you only pay for unique visits.
We offer over 30 categories so that you can target your traffic and only receive visitors interested in what you have to offer, and if you only want to market to individuals in certain countries, you can target geographically as well.

Whether you run an ecommerce store, or an affiliate site, or blog you can’t be successful without visitors. People need to see your site, all the time!
Our high quality targeted traffic is the ideal solution for websites that offer a specific product or service aimed at a select audience. This service provides you with the type of visitors you want and will help you capture the audience that you are looking for. You now have the opportunity to purchase the type of traffic you want! You are guaranteed to start receiving these visitors as soon as your campaign is started!

We also allow you to target your traffic by category. This allows you to reach the audience that your product or service is geared to, and only that audience. Properly targeted campaigns achieve a much higher ROI than general or untargeted campaigns. This makes our targeting options a most unique and useful tool, and sets us far apart from the competition.

You will receive your own personalized account area with full stats included! Within your Traffic Stats Account you can view realtime traffic statistics, make changes, pause the campaign, and much more.

Once purchased we will create your campaign and email you your username/password within 24 hrs. You can then login to access the Members Area and your personalized Web Traffic Stats Account.

When will my campaign start?

Campaigns generally start within a few hours of payment, but it can take up to 1-2 full business days to process your order, verify that your site meets all requirements, set up your campaign and start directing traffic to your site. You will receive an e-mail when your campaign begins. All traffic is delivered within 30 days. Some campaigns let you control how many visitors you receive per hour or per day, in which case, whether or not the visitors arrive within the 30 days is dependent upon your settings.

While new campaigns can take some time to set up, once you have a campaign with us, you can “recharge” it at any time to purchase additional visitors instantly.

Buy Targeted Traffic That Converts - Real Human Website Traffic

Why should I purchase from buytargetedtrafficthatconverts.com - (BTTTC)?

We only send quality traffic at the most competitive rates possible with the fastest service and absolutely no hidden fees. Your campaign will go live within 24 hours, but in most cases, much faster.

Buy Targeted Traffic That Converts - Real Human Website Traffic

Is my traffic targeted?

Yes! With every campaign your website is visited by an expert technician. Your website is evaluated and targeted for the best possible traffic. It is in our best interest to do so as a happy customer is a repeat customer.

Thanks to this accurate targeting process, we guarantee that we will send to your website only visitors interested in your product. We don’t deliver just”hits”. We deliver potential customers.

Buy Targeted Traffic That Converts - Real Human Website Traffic

Can I target the traffic?

Yes, when starting your traffic campaign, you can target the traffic by keyword, niche and geographic location.

Buy Targeted Traffic That Converts - Real Human Website Traffic

Do you generate traffic using SPAM or other unscrupulous techniques?

ABSOLUTELY NOT. The traffic we deliver is legitimate. We never send out mass emails or post to newsgroups. We do not use fake or unethical techniques to deliver traffic to our clients’ websites!

Buy Targeted Traffic That Converts - Real Human Website Traffic

How do I track my traffic campaign/s progres?

We use high-quality trackers and analytical tools that update your traffic details periodically, giving you accurate stats and analytics in real time.

We have an advanced system which is able to track every move and behavior that takes place on the website, so YES, we provide real time analytical tracking to the campaigns that we provide and one can easily access them by logging into their account.

We will send a tracking link to you as soon as your ad is approved, which will let you track the progress of your ad and your daily visitors. This allows you to keep tabs on the progress of your traffic campaign, as well as see other detailed information about your visitors, like their country of origin, browser, and operating system.

Buy Targeted Traffic That Converts - Real Human Website Traffic

How many URL’s are allowed in one campaign?

Only one URL is allowed per campaign. If you want to promote more than one URL, you will have to make a purchase for each URL. This way it is easier to keep track and statistics about the traffic.

Buy Targeted Traffic That Converts - Real Human Website Traffic

Does your traffic appear on Google Analytics and Webmaster Tools?

Yes. Since our traffic is all real people, our traffic appears in all analytics software. You will be able to verify that your orders are being filled, and see each and every visitor.

Buy Targeted Traffic That Converts - Real Human Website Traffic

Why are your prices less than most other traffic brokers? Is the quality as good?

Volume & being wholesaler! Not only are our prices less, but our quality superior as well. We deal with so much traffic, we are able to keep our prices very low and save you money. We receive many customer inquiries before purchases are made voicing their concern as to why our prices are so low! There are many other resellers out there with prices sometimes 10X our amount and guess what, the resellers buy from us! That is how low our prices are. We dare anyone to test our service, price and traffic quality!

Being a wholesaler, most of the traffic brokers in the market, purchase the services from us!

Buy Targeted Traffic That Converts - Real Human Website Traffic

What is the origin of the visitors that BTTTC offers?

We are very proud of the traffic we offer. We do not have “secret sources” or “secret methods” for generating traffic. Our traffic is derived from hard work. Period. You deserve to know the source of the traffic so that you can make an informed business decision when purchasing it.

The visitors we serve you come from our own Global Advertising Network. This way, you only get real actual human beings visiting your site. We never ever make use of spam to send you traffic and all our methods are completely real.  These visitors are sold to you, among some other sources of traffic.

Our network of websites receives thousands of visitors every day; we collect this traffic and, using a proprietary algorithm, deliver it to our customers’ websites. When you make a purchase, one of our marketing specialists will visit your website and, whether you specified a target or not, set up your campaign right away. It is in our best interest to do so, if you generate sales or contacts chances are you’ll be back for another purchase. Thanks to this manual review process, our online advertising technology will maximize your internet advertising dollar by redirecting massive amount of traffic to your website. By connecting your website to our content-rich affiliate sites and search engines, we can deliver targeted visitors that go well beyond any traditional online promotion method.

You can freely choose the niches and countries you want to target. When you order traffic from us, you can choose up to five niches and five countries. Thus, you will be able to receive visitors who are interested in your niche. Moreover, we only provide high-quality and genuine human traffic. We are a genuine supplier of quality traffic.

When you purchase targeted traffic packages from us, you can be confident that each visitor we feed to your website is a quality lead for your business with an actual prospect of becoming your next client.

Buy Targeted Traffic That Converts - Real Human Website Traffic

Can you guarantee me that you will deliver all my visitors diligently and efficiently?

That is 100% guaranteed! You will get all the visitors that you pay for PLUS…the BONUS visitors. If at all you don’t get all your visitors within 60 days of purchasing your traffic package, then we will refund you on a pro-rata basis (that means refund you for the number of visitors that we fail to send you) – Please, do note however that this so of thing has never happen in our 14 year history, and will most likely never happen.

Buy Targeted Traffic That Converts - Real Human Website Traffic

Why should I choose you as my traffic provider?

As you may know, finding a good and reliable website traffic source can be hard these days. There are many who claim to provide you with quality traffic which is not always true.
You surely want to buy web traffic that has the most potential to maximize visitor traffic. BTTTC is a leading web traffic service for many types of targeted traffic.

We believe in fair and honest business making and will deliver to you only what you ordered.
Whether it is targeted traffic, Alexa traffic, Search Engines Traffic, Targeted Email Traffic ….- you can be sure 100% that is what you will get.
we would like you to feel safe when you buy website traffic from us.

We have versatile products and we offer many traffic services as social, mobile, targeted web traffic and more.
Almost all of the orders we get are approved and the campaign Ads start to run usually under 24 hours from receiving the order.

We don’t use any traffic exchange or bots in our services – all are from real visitors the close as you can get to organic traffic.
If looking more, you’ll see we sell cheap traffic compare to others, which is all targeted guaranteed visitors.
We also care for our customers and would like to hear from you how was your campaign and any other questions or comments you may have.
Finally, we think we give an excellent price for the quality website traffic you’ll get.
It’s easy to buy traffic to your website with our simple system order and fast delivery times.

Buy Targeted Traffic That Converts - Real Human Website Traffic

How are you better than your competition in terms of website traffic services?

Most of the visitor traffic websites you see send low quality hits. If you decide to buy hits from them, you will never gain any sales because the hits don’t see your site. These companies trick you into buying these hits. It is evident that you will see a jump in your traffic statistics but none of the traffic will convert into an actual sale. These places send the same visitor to many sites at the same time with the help of a shady traffic software. When buying website traffic, always ask the service provider if the hits are unique on the basis of their respective IP. You should also ask how old the traffic is (12 or 24 hours) and what percentage of the campaign is considered unique (70%, 80% or 100%). Our Targeted Traffic campaign is 100% unique.

Buy Targeted Traffic That Converts - Real Human Website Traffic

What if my server crashes or goes down during my campaign?

We cannot be held liable for elements out of our control. Please ensure that your web server can handle the actual total number of visits before purchasing a package. However, in the event of a server outage or some other foreseeable issue, you should immediately contact us.

Buy Targeted Traffic That Converts - Real Human Website Traffic

Is your company real and do you have a customer service department if I have any questions?

We are a legitimate company that has full time employees dedicated to providing high quality and real traffic. We run our business 24/7/365 unlike others who do it part time or as a hobby. We have a customer service and support department and if you have any other questions, we will respond within 12-24 hours. Contact us here… www.ContactDesk.org

Buy Targeted Traffic That Converts - Real Human Website Traffic

Ecommerce Store Owners

Creating targeted ads for your ecommerce products have never been easier. Kick your store into Overdrive today and get real measurable results.

Social Media Marketers

Stop wasting time with Facebook ads and get super laser targeted traffic. Reach millions of potential customers through our global network platform.

Online Entrepreneurs

If you make money online then you need a reliable source of targeted traffic. We work around the clock to ensure you get only high quality targeted traffic to your website.

Affiliate Marketers

Using targeted ads to promote affiliate offers is still one of the best methods for building a sustainable online business fast. Get real targeted visitors today!

Website/Blog Owners

Get buyer traffic to your websites has never been easier. 100% unique, real people who will boost your website’s traffic, gain more sales, increase your exposure.

Time to Take Action!

Get Targeted Traffic in Minutes!

Which Niches Convert Best With Our Targeted Traffic?

Our Targeted Traffic service runs great with the following niches : Internet Marketing, Business Opportunities, Work From Home, Home Business Opps, Weight Loss, MLM /Make Money Online, Insurance (Life, Health, Dental, or Auto), Financial (Loan Mod & Refi Loans), General Consumers, B2B (Business To Business), cryptocurrency business & clickbank offers just to name a few.

Advertise with Us!

Increase revenue, gain new sales channels, and let us be your partner to help you grow!

"Making money on the internet is not due to the product you sell
it`s due to how many people know you are selling it"

Real Human Website Traffic Campaigns are not an easy task, because of the constant changes and high prices, this is why we encourage you to take advantage of our affordable link building services that provide only quality link building packages to add amazing value to your website.

Real traffic for your website. Real Web Traffic that Converts!

Buy Targeted Traffic That Converts - Real Human Website Traffic
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