Paid Search is the #1 Way to Drive Targeted Traffic to Your Website

The number one way to get the kind of traffic you want – converting traffic – to your site is through the use of effective pay-per-click advertising. With PPC management from BTTTC  Advertising, we can help you get more targeted traffic to your site than you’re seeing from your current campaign, and with a better overall return on investment.

We offer paid website traffic to increase your search engine rankings and website popularity. This is extremely useful for getting your websites search engine ranking up, so that you appear higher in customers search results. It also means that people are more likely to visit your website as it is a more popular/trusted website, due to the amount of traffic it has received.

Our paid traffic is all targeted, meaning that you get customers based on what market you are in. We even determine the best global regions for you to receive traffic from (e.g. if your website is mainly for New Zealander’s then we can target traffic from New Zealand and Australia).
We also target based on industry, so that your paid traffic reflects who you want your potential customers to be and the type of target market that you are trying to penetrate. Most other cheap services offer you untargeted paid hits, resulting in lower search engine rankings and poor website trust. This is why targeted web traffic is a must if you’re serious about getting your website out there!

pay-per-click-managementAt BTTTC  Advertising, our goal is to increase the targeted traffic to our clients’ websites. A good paid search campaign must be well-structured and well-managed – a campaign that’s poorly structured or that doesn’t have the right PPC management agency running it just can’t compete in today’s market. Our PPC management service employs:

  • Comprehensive analysis
  • In-depth research
  • Targeted keyword research
  • Optimized Ad Copy
  • Customized landing pages

And much more.

Since online marketing for e-commerce is constantly and rapidly evolving, your pay-per-click strategy has to do the same. Experience Advertising’s PPC management agency works to keep our clients’ campaigns on the cutting edge of Google AdWords and Bing Ads. We find the best keywords for your products or services and add new keyword groups to your PPC campaign strategy. We optimize the ad copy for each keyword group for the best click-through rates. We customize the landing pages these keywords go to increase your conversion rate. And we test these features for performance, tweaking them as necessary, and always keeping your conversion rate and ROI in mind.

If you have a PPC campaign that is already active, but your website isn’t getting the amount of action you were hoping for, let us take a look at it. At BTTTC  Advertising, we can take over existing PPC campaigns and get them up to speed. We can also help you improve your current homepage, landing pages, and other high-traffic pages to best capitalize on the increased targeted traffic to your site. If you don’t have a pay-per-click advertising strategy and want to implement one, make the smart choice and have BTTTC  Advertising create and manage your pay-per-click advertising campaign. PPC advertising on Google AdWords and Bing Ads is the most effective way to drive targeted traffic to your website and to see increased conversion rates on your site.

Make sure you are fully utilizing the number one way to increase the amount of targeted traffic to your site – pay-per-click advertising.  Stay competitive in your online marketing strategy with PPC advertising management from BTTTC  Advertising.


Hire Our Traffic & Lead Generation Team To:

Internet Marketing Agency Boost your web traffic
Internet Marketing Agency Increase your conversions
Internet Marketing Agency Reach new customers
Internet Marketing Agency Improve your brand
Internet Marketing Agency Save time & money
Internet Marketing Agency Guaranteed results
Internet Marketing Agency It’s all done-for-you!

Just thinking about developing and scaling a successful campaign can seem overwhelming. We know.

We have been hearing this over and over again from marketers who try to do it all by themselves, often struggle to keep their business alive. Even if you have all the skills needed to Launch, Manage, and Scale your business, doing it all by yourself is a stretch to say the least.

Smart Webpreneurs don’t do-it-all by themselves anymore.

They look for “leverage points” at all levels of their enterprise. Beginners, Intermediate, and Expert marketers use the skills that agencies like Webpreneur Media; to launch, manage, scale and profit immediately.

Stop worrying about launching and growing your monthly traffic, leads and sales…

…that is what Webpreneur Media can do for you. We work with professionals and solo entrepreneurs at all levels in their campaign management. We love helping our clients, and we would love to be a part of your online success.

Here’s what you can expect…

  1. Strategy Session. Every business owner needs skilled advisors to help them reach their goals.
  2. Campaign Design. Our designers are online marketers, with over 17 years in the field of online advertising and marketing.
  3. Writing. Our monthly done-for-you services comes with writing ads, and tweaking it to get maximum action. We can write your email ad copies and sequential follow up emails to increase conversions.
  4. Managed Campaigns. Managing campaigns isn’t just throwing up some ads on a network and letting it run by itself. Careful monitoring and knowing when to tweak and improve the campaign is necessary.
  5. Targeted Publishers & Partners. We have built a network of quality publishers in the Health & Wellness, Business Opportunity, Network Marketing, and Finance markets. If your product is targeting these groups, we can guarantee fast results.
  6. Guaranteed Results. With the amount of time, quality of work, and partners that we work with, we are confident that you will see guaranteed results from the monthly promotions. Check the minimum guarantee that we stand by below.

Our Best Converting Target Markets

Although we help all types of Webpreneurs in various niches with their marketing campaigns, our strongest partners are in the following niches.

  1. Health & Wellness. (Weight loss, Nutrition, Energy Endurance, Beauty, Green Living)
  2. Online Business opportunity seekers. (Affiliate marketing, Make Money Online, Network Marketing)
  3. Internet Marketing. (Internet Marketing, Design, Advertising, Marketing Services)
  4. Finance market. (Stocks, Gold & Silver, Forex, Penny stock)

We work closely with top publishers, networks, and movers and shakers in the above mentioned markets.

Premium Traffic Sources

What is Premium Traffic? Premium site traffic is something that is worth gold to online business owners and marketers. The very best sources of traffic are the ones that have the highest possibility to convert into sales. That means, they are targeted audiences who are engaged with the publisher who is promoting your offers to them.

Where does the Traffic come from? We have been building close partnerships and we currently work with over 180 list owners, publishers and partners world wide. We use a mix of ways to generate traffic to your offers.

  1. Email Marketing Partners (with long standing top conversion records)
  2. Targeted display ads
  3. Newsletter sponsorships
  4. Newsletter solo ads
  5. Publisher customer lists
  6. Pay-per-click networks

Convenient & Managed Campaigns

Embarking on an online campaign without the right knowledge and experience can be an extremely expensive and time consuming activity. Due to the complex nature of network traffic source, running successful campaigns has become a hurdle for many advertisers. We realize that your time is valuable to you, and can be leveraged to accomplish more for your business. We can setup your campaigns, design, write your ads, and schedule the launch for you.

Scalable & Fits Your Budget

The one thing to remember when you buy traffic is that it’s expensive. Yes, traffic is expensive if it doesn’t convert for you. This is why we put so much emphasis on pre-campaign research and post-campaign strategies for our clients. You will notice that our packages are competitive to any other similar services.

Fast Results

The fastest way to see results from online campaigns is by knowing exactly whom to target. We spend time to learn what your market is looking for and then craft the marketing materials to fit their need.

Ready to start? If you would like to start immediately, please go over our packages and plans below and place your order.

Buy a web traffic package with Web Traffic Geeks today and start your journey toward a more profitable online business.

start nowPaid targeted traffic can be a game-changer to your website. Use this advantage against your competitors and be one step ahead of them in becoming the next big star in online marketing!


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