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Know the Benefits of Buying Real Targeted Website Traffic

Everybody Needs Quality Targeted Website Traffic

Do you have a website/blog that is in need of additional exposure? Advertising and marketing has come a long way over the years. From the World Wide Web to real time marketing and advertising with mobile devices, the evolution of technology has most certainly changed the marketing and advertising game for business owners.

These days most successful business owners understand that owning a website/blog is one of the smartest and cheapest marketing and advertising channels to consider. As the online and mobile marketing industries have proven many times over that it is far cheaper to advertise and market with technology versus traditional methods. Every business and every site is unique to it’s own market or vertical, which basically translates into each and every business will have to test and track what works and what does not work for their particular business model. Once again, driving targeted traffic to a website is the cheapest alternative to direct advertising and direct marketing for just about every business owner.

These days, social networks, content marketing channels, blog networks, along with numerous types of live paid advertising options; all generate organic visitors and ad views via people searching on search engines and these other internet channels.  These internet marketing channels that are currently available for business owners are by far an excellent new source for diversifying a businesses marketing and advertising strategies and campaigns.

Obviously, website traffic is not the only thing your business needs and depending on your industry and market, you need to keep this in mind. But your website can play a big part in your business’s success!

When you can increase the quality of the website traffic and visits to your site, you are also increasing your conversion numbers and this in turn decreases the number of new website visitors you need to maintain your business goals. Keeping in mind, it is not always about the total number of visitors, but how interested and ready to buy they are. The further your website visitors are in your sales funnel, the more interested they are in your solution or product, the greater chance you have to increase conversion.

The other big piece of the website traffic equation is your ability to capture the targeted website traffic and convert them into customers, which opens more opportunity for your business to succeed. If you are ready to capture your current website traffic as well as increase your qualified opportunities, then inbound marketing could be just what your business needs!

How to Drive Traffic To Websites

Are you finally taking the plunge into the online marketing and online advertising realms to drive new sources of targeted and quality visitors to your business sites, social network profiles, and corporate blogs ? If so, you may be asking yourself, “ Where and how do I get started ?”.

The first step in driving visitors is to obviously have a SEO friendly web site built and uploaded to the web for the public and for potential customers to view. By building a new site with SEO in mind, you can rest assured you will be getting started in the right direction with your online marketing campaigns. As you continue to build your website/blog by adding unique content , your webpages will end up eventually attracting major search engines to your website and internal web pages there of. This will help place your web site organically within search engine result pages/placements (SERPs)  for the keywords you are targeting and working on. Other contributing factors for top keyword placement in search engines are- the site structure, search engine friendly URL’s, common on site SEO techniques implemented, and the content and keyword density factors of your content. The web traffic that is generated from your onsite SEO and inbound SEM efforts is called organic or natural traffic.

As search engines will naturally crawl and index your webpages and content, they will continue to do so as long as you are proactively utilizing white hat SEO on your web site along with following white hat SEM guidelines for off site/inbound marketing purposes.

Organic Website Traffic

By properly building out your webdesign with all of the latest accepted search engine guidelines, you are setting yourself up for eventual success with organic search engine traffic. Statistically speaking, 70-80 percent of a websites visitors is organically generated by users searching on search engines directly. SEO or search engine optimization, is commonly used for improving keyword ranking with search engine results takes, of which, takes a tremendous amount of time, effort, and of course money. SEO can be perceived as an investment for your business as you will be spending ample amounts of time, effort, and money every month to drive quality and organic visitors through numerous channels, web sites, mediums, and services.

The acts and general methods of organic search engine marketing (SEM) are as follows- content marketing, article writing, article submissions (containing back links back to your site), article marketing, media and press releases, on site blog posting, off site blog network posting (wordpress, blogger, tumblr…), social networking and socializing your content / website for social signals, interaction in popular forums and blogs, building back links with a variety of related  and broad match anchor links, contacting webmasters and website owners for sponsored blog posts or guest blog posts, using mainstream and compliant web directories, local directory websites (Yelp, Yahoo local, Superpages,, MerchantCircle…) and posting reviews, video creation and video submissions to popular video directories, along with many other web promotion options, channels, and mediums to consider  incorporating within your online marketing and online advertising campaigns and strategies.

Buying Website Traffic

It doesn’t matter how good your website looks like and what kind of information you have in case there is no one to check the content. Website traffic usually comes from external links from other websites, search engines, and social media. However, the fact is that you can get website traffic from other places and in other ways. For instance, in the recent period, more and more website owners are interested in buying website traffic.

Paid traffic can come in many forms and through a myriad of websites, channels, products, networks, and services. The majority of business owners which have started to use the internet as a marketing and advertising channel, have more than likely heard about Google Adwords, BingAds, pay per click marketing, PPC advertising, and banner/image/rich media advertising. As these paid online-traffic channels are very popular and highly used, numerous business owners do not have the slightest idea on what or even how these promotion networks operate.

Purchasing web traffic through PPC networks is the fastest and most popular method for driving real time targeted website visitors to your web properties. Let’s use Google Adwords for example, they run related paid PPC ads on top , on the side, and below their search results. Advertisers choose which keywords they want to bid on that are extremely relevant to their site/blog. Advertisers also choose how much they are willing to pay for each click per keyword, of which, is one of the main algorithmic ranking factors for competitive placement of an advertisers ad within the Adwords PPC network.

While most of these PPC networks operate basically on a live auction platform, each of these PPC advertising networks operate uniquely to one another. Pay per click advertising and pay per click marketing is by far the most popular and most expensive online advertising and online marketing channels. Fortunately for most businesses, there are still many other types of online ad networks that can be leveraged to generate cheap website traffic.

Types of Online Ad Networks to Generate Targeted Website Traffic

Listed below are some of the other types of online advertising networks businesses use to drive additional web site visitors to websites-

-Pay per click advertising networks – text ads/image ads/banner ads

-Mobile Ad Networks

-Social Media Ad Networks and Ad Platforms

-Rich Media Ad Networks- pop up ads, interstitial ads, in context ads, footer ads…

-Blog Ad Networks

-Video Ad Networks

-Viral Ad Networks

-Ad Exchange Networks

-Affiliate Ad Networks

-Email Ad Networks and Email Marketing Networks

Listed above are the different types of online promotion services that can be used to drive a healthy blend of diversified paid and organic targeted website traffic, cheap web site traffic, and quality web traffic to a business, product, social profile/page, service, sale, coupon, blog, and/or special offer.

Benefits Of Buying Real Website Traffic

1.  One of the biggest benefit of spending cash in order to gain traffic for your website is that you’ll minimize your reliance on organic web traffic.  Frankly, putting too much faith in search engines and organic traffic can be disastrous.  With the ever-changing landscape of search engine updates, a once high ranking site can plummet off the first page over night.  What does it take to get your site back up on the SERP?  That’s a great question.  And one that takes time, resources and energy to figure out.  In the meantime, you can get instant traffic to your website.

2.  Another great benefit is that you’ll be able to help determine who visits your site.  For example, does your site cater to visitors from a certain country?  Maybe you’re looking for customers who have a specific need or are searching for just the right product.    Purchasing traffic lets you narrow down your customers based on several criteria.  That means you are more likely to convert a paid visitor into a paying customer!

3.  Paid traffic can be very affordable.  It’s one of those little secrets that many entrepreneurs know but may not share.  If you’ve ever looked into Adwords or CPC rates, you know just how expensive targeted traffic can be.  Adword CPC rates are skyrocketing to and new Google Ad layout policies are only going to raise rates and hurt organic traffic more.  Buying traffic is a great strategy to overcome these changes.  While Adwords commonly cost dollars, paid traffic only costs cents!  Purchasing website hits is an absolute bargain!

4. Brings specific audience

Buying website traffic can bring the targeted audience you are looking for. Instead of sending out links aimlessly, this kind of traffic is targeted to specific customers from the start. It is only this type of specific audience who are going to make a significant effect on your sales and leads.

Getting targeted traffic to your site doesn’t have to break the bank.  Do your research, and find an ethical seller who will work with you to tailor your traffic campaign to suit your needs and will provide good customer service.  When you have a provider you can trust, then you’re getting the most out of your advertising dollar.

5. Increased sales/commissions

This last benefit that we will mention is a no-brainer. It is obvious that the higher the number of people who come to your website the more chances you will get to increase sales, to make people click on your ads or to make them act.

With remarkable content, you will attract your targeted audience naturally and build credibility.


Creating remarkable content to get targeted website traffic includes knowing your buyer personas and which stage in the buyer’s journey you are targeting. This knowledge will help you to know who your market is and what they are interested in, and will bring the website visitors that you are looking for. A few ways to identify topics to write about include:

  • Keyword Research
  • Internet Forums
  • Industry News
  • Your buyer persona’s goals and challenges

Content Golden Rule

Following the Content Golden Rule is always a good idea. This rule states that you want 80% of your marketing content to be helpful and designed to answer questions your audience may have, and not specifically about your product or solution. This would include blogs, eBooks, how-to guides, and more. The other 20% should be sales related and specifically mention your products and solutions. Something to keep in mind when directly talking about your products or services is to talk benefits and not features. Your message will be more effective when you point out the primary value that your product brings. In other words, focus on what your audience gets more than what you offer


Website traffic is important and has an impact in three ways:

The larger the number of visitors to your website the better!

But you need to focus on increasing the quality of your website traffic, as not all traffic is good traffic. And in fact, bad traffic can bog your business down at some level.

When you can increase your traffic along with the quality of the visitors, the better you will be able to increase your website conversion and get that traffic to become paying customers!

A common misconception about website traffic is that any traffic is good traffic. It is important to remember that you are not trying to attract everyone to your site but people who are interested in your topic or what you are selling.

Of course, you can make money with higher traffic, generally speaking, with higher volume but it will be short term and unpredictable. Many successful marketers know that driving targeted traffic to your site will generate the most long-term revenue.

Higher traffic itself is no guarantee of increased sales or more revenue. Traffic must be targeted or at least related to what your website is all about. Generic traffic cannot make even a small dent in your earning. 200 targeted visitors are more powerful than 1000 generic visitors. So, always try to get targeted traffic

Always remember to set up some sort of tracking system so you can cross reference results from your sites analytical data. This will help a website owners to see and analyze what is working and what is not working for their particular business or website internet marketing campaigns and strategies.




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